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Make sure this is what you intended. Daxter was the comedic centerpeice for the highly succesful Jak series and became popular enough to have a game made after him. Lists of video game characters Jak and Daxter games. Daxter is Jak's best friend who was accidentally turned into an ottsel in Jak and Daxter: Ratchet is a Lombax mechanic, who, after a series of extraordinary events, finds himself saving the universe with the help of a robot friend, Clank.

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Keira then helplessly asked Jak to go save her father.

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Keira Hagai

Count Veger is one of Jak's enemies in Jak 3, and the one responsible for banishing him to the Wasteland. Clank was originally built to be a worker drone but an error in the system makes him a small brainy robot. However, around Jak, she portrayed a reasonably flirtatious attitude, often batting her eyelashes while clasping her hands. Tess is a support character featured in Jak II and Jak 3. Keira played a prominent role during The Precursor Legacy as she was the inventor of the A-Grav Zoomer which Jak and Daxter used to transport over lava and passes in order to further their journey north. He's also Jak's father. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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