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The uneasiness Skyler feels towards Walt from this point on in the series is always felt. This is the scene where Skyler realises that her husband is gone and she is now married to the monster that is Heisenberg. I am the one who knocks. In normal shows, a complicated train heist involving stealing a thousand gallons of methylamine would take an entire hour. Walter White died with Jane leaving only Heisenberg. Key moments sprinkled throughout each season act as focal points for this transformation.

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The uneasiness Skyler feels towards Walt from this point on in the series is always felt.

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The 17 Most Iconic Scenes in ‘Breaking Bad’ (VIDEO)

You must select a newsletter to subscribe to. Talking down to Jesse, even hiring an assassin for him, kidnapping his own daughter, trying to enter the witness protection program and stealing his required materials and ingredients from a train in his most elaborate scheme of the series. Gus becomes the most intimidating figure in the series, never breaking away from his cold demeanour. After the exchange, the following dialogue is shared. Gus, to show how angry he is with Walt and Jesse for outsmarting him and killing Gale, and to show how little he cares about them, dispassionately executes his trusted henchman, Victor Jeremiah Bitsuiwith a box cutter. Eventually, Walt believes that he will be replaced by Gale, his new appointed partner after Gus replaces Jesse. A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me?

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